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 What about our homeless vets in Florida, who on more than one occasion I have heard of land owners chasing off our Vets off their property because of fear that they would lose land value as a result of allowing those homeless individuals.

What needs to be done is create a program that addresses the needs of all the Homeless including the Family Unit, too many times programs divide Families, the Father has to go to the men’s sleeping quarters, the wife and children go to another. The children need the stability of their parents together with them as they go through the tough road ahead, further more it is the firm belief of R.I.T. that a family that prays together stays together.

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20 Acres land is needed in order to accommodate our R.I.T. program, it is our intentions to create a camp facility that will minister to the needs of all types of homelessness. It will be established and accomplished through a camp ground setting.

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